Our ground beef comes from our 150 acre cattle farm in NE Ohio.  We run an 80 head Black Angus Cow Calf operation.  This means the primary goal of the farm is to maintain a permanent herd of brood cows who raise calves for us to sell to other producers.  

We practice rotational grazing where our cows are constantly on the move accessing fresh forages, mineral and clean drinking water.  This management allows both the cattle and the land to maintain optimal health. 

Because we raise our cattle this way, we eat them too.  We feed them to our friends and family (who continue to ask for more.)  As a way to service that demand, we began CompletelyGrounded.com for an easier way to share our ground beef with all of you. 

 About the Product:

"The Big Mama" ground beef box is named after the "mama cows"  from which the beef comes from. Because our herd is comprised of females who's primary function is to breed and raise a calf, our beef comes from cows that either fell short in their ability to raise a calf or breed.

When a cow (or heifer) is "open," she is typically in excellent body condition.  In other words, when she is not carrying or nursing a calf, she is putting on fat.  A fat cow is a tasty cow, so we harvest her instead of selling her off to an unknown fate. 

Do you feel bad for the cattle that you slaughter?

Yes. Like most farmers, we do this because we love animals, nature, and the environment.   

The farm is a microcosm of the world.  There is life and death.  Mothers reject calves.  Calves die.  Nature can be harsh, horrible and unfair.  

Cattle are incredible creatures.  So are the wild turkeys that scratch at their manure patties and the fighter-jet-like barn swallows that pick off the flies around their heads.  We treat each life with respect and reverence.

There are few better demonstrations of life than watching week old calves bounce across a pasture on fresh legs.   

The world is a YinYang symbol. Order and Chaos. Life and Death.  Opposing things that depend on one another.  It is why forests burn and living things are eaten. When we eat meat, we take a life from our farm. This makes room for new life. The cycle continues, however our land, soil biome and ecosystem improve with each cycle because of our management style.  This is where the term "Regenerative" Agriculture comes from.  The closer we follow nature in our management, the less resources we use and the better things seem to go.  Human consumption does not need to exhaust, drain and destroy. 

Shorten your food supply chain.  Eat meat.  Give thanks. 


Some additional comments about beef production...

  • Most cattle consumed in this country never reach the age of two.  This is because it is more profitable to fatten cattle as fast as possible using "inputs" other than grass. 
  • It takes longer to finish cattle on grass.
  • Our average slaughter age is 4 yrs old.  
  • Many foodies, particularly in Europe, believe older cows have more depth of flavor...
  • Much of our nation's grass-fed beef comes from Australia, New Zealand and South America ...The USDA still allows this beef to be packaged as "Product of the USA" so as long as it is packaged in the U.S. which is misleading...