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Our one and only SKU.

30lbs of Grass Finished Ground Beef delivered in 30, 1 pound vacuum sealed packs. 

We completely grind the whole cow.  Steaks, filets, backstraps, roasts... the good stuff.

No fat added.  Very lean and clean. 

We include Liver, Heart, and Tongue in the ground. 

Why include organs?  Why slaughter a beautiful healthy animal and throw her liver, tongue and heart into a dumpster? Besides these organs are extremely good for you!

Grass finished fat is more yellow, and we think it tastes “Earthy” like a garden. 

Our cattle consume nothing but forage, mineral and clean water their entire life.  They are born and raised on our farm where we treat each animal with respect and reverence.  


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How much freezer space do I need?

For 30lbs of beef you need 1 cubic feet of freezer space. (You have enough space, don't be scared.)

How will my delivery work?

DELIVERY IS ON 1st MONDAY OF JANUARY, APRIL, JULY & OCTOBER You will receive a notification when your package is delivered. In the warm months, the beef will stay frozen for about 2 hours.